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DeMauriDa is a brand I created in the Spring of 2005, essentially as a means of creating a line of t-shirts with quality designs, adverse to what was currently available in the mainstream fashion market. Three years later on August 5 2008 I had my first and only daughter, Nadia Lynn, at which point DeMauriDa became substantially lower on my priority list, especially considering the struggle I endured immediately after she was born. The struggle for meaningful time with my daughter ended in February of 2009 when she was illegally abducted by her mother and taken to Brazil. In order to keep myself in a positive state of mind I decided to be productive and re-launch DeMauriDa with the purpose to raise awareness about International Child Abductions and potentially raise money for my own fight to reunite with Nadia. Years later towards the end of 2012, I prayed for and received a vision that would revise the DeMauriDa initiative for a more concise focus on expanding and achieving the overall purpose. It was then that I created Nadia No.8 as a back up plan to optimize the odds that Nadia and I would be able to find one another in the future should I be unsuccessful in having her returned legally through the Hague Convention Treaty. The idea was based on the assumption that if I create a brand in her name, produce quality products and strategically spread her story through it, eventually one day she, or someone she knows will search her name in Google. In doing so, should the brand be successful, it would appear in the generated results, followed by subsequent articles relating to Nadia.No8. After doing further research based on the results, Nadia or whomever searches will find out that she has a father who fought for her, who never gave up, who for whatever reason, was unable to legally get her back. This effort needed to encompass the requirements necessary for us to meet each other in the future, and so I executed this idea to the best of my ability, due to the magnitude of its intended purpose.

In the meantime, as I continue my legal battle to have her returned to the United States, Nadia No.8 serves as a reminder that it was during the fight to have her returned that I became the best person I could be; that she was always on my mind; that she was the inspiration and reason for it all.

The phrase, Quality Not Quantity, has a special meaning as it relates to the Nadia No.8 brand. In 2012 I was granted the return of my daughter Nadia and as part of the return order, I was ordered to spend a 15 day transition period with her under the supervision of a court appointed psychologist in Brazil before returning to the United States. The morning of the sixth day into the transition period, the psychologist knocked on my hotel door. I picked Nadia up thinking we would be going downstairs for breakfast as we had done five mornings before. Unbeknownst to me, the Federal Police were waiting in the lobby to take her away. “Think of your time with Nadia in terms of Quality of time spent, not Quantity” the psychologist said as they took Nadia from my arms, replacing her with an appeal. Everything was happening so fast. I stood in the lobby with a blank stare, court papers in hand, watching Nadia being escorted to the car. In disbelief, I looked down to read the appeal, but every second of the past five days rushed through my mind. I remember thinking they were the happiest days of my life. It was a strange feeling, trying to recapture any fleeting moments with Nadia that my memory may have taken for granted. Those moments became infinitely more important when I realized this might be the last time I ever saw her.
When I looked up, she was gone.